Friday, May 27, 2016

Private and public at the same time.

The goal of this post is to explain why I have the blog as a unique medium that allows for expression not possible anywhere else for me. Courtesan blogs are an extreme, but excellent, representation of this medium's potential as they take full advantage of its possibilities and you get to know me a little better.
A blog is an online journal. Some blogs are thematic; others have a diary like structure. Anonymous blogs are written under a pseudonym. Anonymity affects the quality of the blog because the blogger feels freer to speak her mind. My blog is a great example of anonymity at work because my content is often controversial, and it exist only because the blog technology makes it possible.My blog is written purely for personal pleasure and never reveal my identity. 
The difference between a high-priced prostitute and a courtesan is that prostitutes sell "by the minute" sex, whereas courtesans provide companionship of which sex is only a part. They spend extended amounts of time with their clients, including accompanying them on vacation and to social events such as work functions and conventions, and have to be presentable and comfortable in different social situations. This is how I explain the process of selection for the job: "This is what separates escorts from courtesans. Girls in this side of the business tend to be graduates of elite schools, athletes or dancers and schooled in the arts. Bonus points for being the graduate of a finishing school or having been introduced to society. Pretty much all of the exclusive companions that I know of are a close fit to this profile." How telling is the fact that the qualities most prized by the bourgeoisie and upper classes for instilling in their daughters are the same ones they expect to see in their prostitutes. 

My blog best approximate what is historically known as a courtesan experience, that of being in the company of a charming, engaging, and seductive personality. Courtesan blogs are written by interesting, talented women. The sexual nature of the profession, and perhaps, my extroverted sexuality, does lend a frisson to their writing. Sex sells. For me, sex is both the source of their income and a major contributor to the popularity of my blog. I try to cover a wide variety of topics: sex, family life, friends, past experiences, travels, the books I read, and the food I eat. My writing is  astute, interesting social commentary, perhaps because I experience more varied social situations than most. I engage in a number of activities other than this but I would LOVE to write on a weekly basis.
 My blog presents a curious inversion of the ideas of public and private sphere. No Sense of Place, where I explore public and private roles and the fragmentation of self that occurs in response to changes in social environments. An anonymous blog is a paradox--a private diary fully exposed to a world of strangers. Anonymity protects me from the repercussions of my revelations--I can reveal my secrets, but they remain such, as long as they are not linked to my real life identity. Anonymously, it is possible to be anyone on the Internet, even one's real self. 
Courtesan bloggers are more real in the digital realm than in the physical one. Their public and private roles are reversed: the most formal, public role most of us lead is at work. For a courtesan, work takes place in private; her job is not where she can connect socially. …