Monday, February 10, 2020

Literately incredible India

Mumbai is an amazing paradox of hope and chaos, magic and madness. Where the changing modernity of India has been experienced most intensely. From Gandhi’s arrival from England in 1915 to the protests against the Simon Commission in 1928, Bombay, now Mumbai, has been home to many key events of the freedom struggle. And the struggle continues today, the hunger for change that one can almost feel, as a tourist is hard not to be fascinated by it.

Can we start with the ridiculous cliches that portray this country and this city is such a negative light when in fact most if not all of them aren't true,  from only buy street food prepared by women as it's more hygienic, the only place worth visiting is the Taj Mahal, Indians are friendly but don't expect to be part of the family, a real pashmina will fit through a ring. Yes, boys ask for discounts. Yes, it is not the easiest place to be Veronica but I still love the madness here.