Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Want A Woman Who Won’t Kiss And Tell? Then Pay Her

You want complete silence, you want to keep your private life private, we all do.. One of my favorite clients had his marriage destroyed after his affair of 8 years with his PA came to the attention of this wife. The PA was tired of him not committing to ger in a serious way and told the wife and not only that showed evidence. Not sure why she would that and I don't condemn that behavior but I know a type of lady that won't and that is a high-class escort. The thought would not even cross her mind. I often see gentlemen from extremely high profile jobs. “Gosh is that so-and-so?” I’d quite often think as I walk into some marble penthouse suite.
Now I have a few really high profiles clients and they don't want as much as I do their names on newsstands. 
Course not. I just don’t sell sex and intimacy. I sell discretion. I sell privacy. Kissing and telling are not good for business and it is certainly not what a lady does; not while escorting. I’ve met ‘ladies of the night’ with more integrity and values than people I know who have ‘normal’ jobs. Yes, you pay escorts to leave, but you are also paying for peace of mind.

I also don’t think men (or women) deserve to be demonized for occasionally getting their needs met from a third party. In an ideal world, we would all sit our partners down and tell them we have strayed, and that it didn’t mean anything. Honesty is always the best policy. But we don’t live in an ideal world. And if someone is going to stray, you’d rather they made it a business transaction than not.
One woman who would agree with me is my friend Tracey, a 40 something mum of two. She’s just caught her husband having an affair with a woman he met at a work conference. Not just that – she told me that she is now waiting for his decision whether to stay or go and start a new life with his new flame.
“I wish he’d been seeing an escort” she said glumly. “Then we wouldn’t be in this situation.” With an escort, there is no texting in the middle of the night, no dreamy ‘I wish I was with so-and-so..’ and certainly no ‘if you don’t leave your wife for me now I will call her up and tell her EVERYTHING.’ No dramatic phone calls on Xmas Day, no sitting in a car outside your house, and absolutely no naked photos in the press.
Escorts don’t want to run off with your husband. They don’t even remember his name. It really is, just a job. Most of us have careers, schools, boyfriends, girlfriends; a life. We don’t want to ruin someone else’s.


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